Los Duranes is one of the most historic neighborhoods in Albuquerque.


In 1706, the Duranes acequia madre, which traversed through the area along its three-mile length, was established to aid in the irrigation of crops. In the mid-1790s, La Plaza de Señor San Jose de Los Duranes, as it was known then, was one of several small plazas along the Rio Grande north of Old Town. The Spanish census of 1790 counted 27 families in the plaza of Los Duranes, and currently, the neighborhood is comprised of roughly 3,000 residents and approximately 800 homes.

The neighborhood is still largely a small, semiagricultural area, with multiple generations of families living here and many newcomers also calling it home. It is a special place in the midst of an urban city where residents want to preserve the character for their children and future generations to stay and live here, while also providing opportunities to increase the quality of our lives.

Joining our neighborhood association helps amplify your voice, and also helps create a community with a shared vision and goal. Our association comes together to build relationships, come up with solutions and ideas, exchange information, and work toward making our community and neighborhood a better place. Want to be part of it?


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